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The Washington Americans will be one of the teams in a Washington DC area flag-football league starting in the year 2021.  Other teams will include the Washington Red-Tailed Hawks/Redtails, Washington Redwolves, Washington Veterans, Washington Monuments,  Washington Renegades, Washington Federals, Washington Sentinels, and Washington  Justice. Click on the team names to visit their websites.

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Each team has eleven players on the field at a time, or eight for indoor football.

The team with the most points at the end of the game wins.  

This is the Washington Americans web site featuring information related to the sport of football. This website had 130,000 visits in July 2020 from fans fascinated with the trademark holder's insight on football shown below.

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Touchdown = 6 points, field goal = 3 points, safety = 2 points, extra point = 1 or 2 points

Number of Players